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Short Courses

Are projects that normally run in form of hackathons therefore take two to three days of intense learning in an engaging manner, with young girls who are in and out schools. Short courses always run during HDIF Innovation Week, Open Data Day or when a need rise. At the end participants also showcase their prototypes in front of parents, teachers, friends, supporters such as funders and development community.

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Program Curriculum

What you will learn

The programme is run within a short period of time and participants are taken through the proposed thematic learning tracks be it in Robotics, Animation, Coded Embroidery, Gaming, Maker Tronics, App development or IOT. They also interact with the open data portal are taught how to visualize data.

Data Driven Storytelling

Participants create data driven animation and story that solves with an aim of educating and creating awareness of different issues affecting young girls from education, SRH, GBV, WASH just to name a few including addressing of the SDG’s goals. They create animation through stop motion images by uploading at PICPAC or by using Scratch programming language.


Participants created animations and games through Scratch programming Language. Participants highlighted issues on hygiene, challenges faced by young adults during the selections of careers and while in menstruation due to lack of water and education.

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Recent Program Activities

The recent short trainings are Innovation week whereby participants created animations and games through Scratch programming Language. And during Open Data Day whereby students created data driven animations addressing different issues by using stop motions and PICPAC software application.

Open Data Day

Innovation Week

Program Partners